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Choose a short URL
Select at least one tour guide
Record and upload an audio file

You need to pick a short URL for your project. The reason for this is so there is something short that is easier to put on signage, and for people to type into their smartphones when they want to access a tour. It also makes it easier to share on social media. An example of short urls that will forward to the case study page is: for HiVE Vancouver. It must be at least 2 characters long, and should not be over 4.

Uppercase and numbers only, 4 or less characters.

Selecting your interviewee(s) is an important step in preparing your tour. We have prepared successful tours with developers, architects, building managers, building owners, tenants, and sustainability consultants. Some tours have been voiced by one person, but we have also done great tours with two or three people. It's helpful to have someone who had involvement in choosing or designing the green aspects of the building. The person or people involved need to be able to dedicate some time to working on some notes for the tour, and to record the tour itself

Example: Joe Smith of ABC Architecture

This is the section where you can upload your audio file. Once you have a file uploaded you can return to the Images section and start cueing up images into a slideshow.

Ultimately there are a lot of ways to approach audio tour production. Click here to view a guide on strategies for preparing for an audio tour.

For an extra charge we can also arrange to have a professional interviewer and audio producer contact you and record your voice either remotely over Skype, or in person if possible. Contact us if you'd like to explore this option.