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Your building has already been given a name, you can change it below, but try not to change it after you've made it public if possible as it may break links from other sites to the project page. It's best to use the same name that you have used to register the project with any organizations such as the USGBC, the CaGBC, or PassivHaus.

Do not change an existing value unless it necessary. It will break some external links.

You've entered enough address information for us to find your building location and generate a map. If you need to make any corrections to the address you can do so below. Otherwise, there is no need to make changes to the following fields.

This is a good start, but lets try to make the summary a bit longer. Shoot for at least 200 characters.

Here's a link to some example summaries from other projects if you want to get an idea of what this should look like

This is where you start writing a case study. You should aim for somewhere between 750-1500 words.

Here's a link to some example case studies from other projects if you want to get an idea of what this should look like.

Format description with Markdown. Reference here.

This is where you can add certifications such as LEED. Even though your building is probably not certified yet, you can include the certification that you are seeking with a phrase like "Targeting LEED CI Gold" in the Certification Detail field.

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This is where you can add entries for the organizations that are working or have worked on your building. You should include entries like Developer, Architect, Sustainability Consultant, etc.

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