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Active Projects


This page lists all the steps that you must complete in order to publish an audio tour. Completing all the steps is important if you are attempting to achieve a LEED education credit.

Any step with an empty box beside it still needs to be completed, once it has been completed it will have checkmark next to it. If a step has a lock next to it, it means that it can't be completed until another step is completed first.

Write a case study & add details

Enter a name for the project
Enter the address of the project
Write a summary
Write a full case study
Add some certifications
Add some members of the project team

Upload Images and create slideshow

Upload your first image
Upload at least 25 images
Cue up at least 15 images to make a slide show

Record an Audio Tour

Choose a short URL
Select at least one tour guide
Record and upload an audio file

Publish your tour

Make building public to the internet
Add your audio tour to the podcast
Choose a short url to share your tour
Request a sign file or order signage

Submit your building to the Green Building Council

Generate and download your LEED documentation

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