blueandyellow Inc.



Integrated Sustainability Solutions.

Green international architectural practice.

blueandyellow provides integrated sustainability solutions at both the corporate and the project level. Our professional facilitation process gives you leadership, guidance and structure in transforming your business practices to be more sustainable. Our design principles and sustainability tools assist you in identifying and meeting environmental, social and economic objectives, whether they are related to institutional policy, a company's real estate portfolio, a community's expansion plans, or a family's dream home. Our recommendations are backed by technical rigor and practical experience.

We combine innovative vision with over 25 years of experience, a critical philosophy anchored in the reality of practice, and a design sensibility applied to all project scales from urban planning to interior design. We apply sustainable design principles and tools to achieve high quality architectural design that delivers high levels of performance and value. blueandyellow - make green!

Contact: Julia Bourke [email protected] 514-522-9137