Brighter Green Consulting



Brighter Green Consulting is the Provider of the Sustainable Building Advisor Program in various locations throughout Canada. This Program offers working professionals a comprehensive education in sustainable building. The SBA Program runs 2 days per month for 9 months in various locations throughout North America. The Program is designed to be National and Local at the same time. The course is offered nationally, but taught by local professionals. Students benefit from the very specific locality of the program as well as the national certification and standards. While the national course materials are updated yearly, the Guest Instructors are able to teach up- to-the-moment aspects of green buildings. This provides a unique forum for SBA students – they are in the company of those doing the work, rather than those teaching it. The relationships that result from the SBA are as important as the content of the program. Students graduate with a community of like minded people from all areas of building: design, construction, policy, real estate, etc. As this community grows, the impact on the built environment will also grow.


The Sustainable Building Advisor Program is suitable for the busy professional.  The course format and curriculum are designed to give you a variety of information, from expert instructors in an efficient learning environment.


Interactive class discussion and rigorous inquiry will be integrated throughout the course.  Participation will be encouraged and expected to enhance a cooperative, fun learning experience.


Local experts in their fields will present the proven and latest in sustainable design, construction and operation techniques with an emphasis on both practical applications and underlying theories.


Each unit will include an in-depth small group project that will reinforce technical concepts and develop competencies in applying LEED™, Living Building™, and other sustainable criteria.


Small group project presentations and written papers summarizing results will be required for each unit to document learning and for credit.


Site visits to exemplary local projects will provide opportunities to test conceptual understanding with the real thing.


Units will be fully integrated by the lead instructor to reinforce learning and provide familiarity with cross-disciplinary aspects of applied sustainability.


Focused reading selections will be assigned for further learning.


Course content (including case studies and project-based exercises) will address various types of construction (commercial, residential, renovation, and new) and development (greenfield, redevelopment).