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WRHA New Corporate Office

650 Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba

As part of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's commitment to sustainable development, the WRHA New Corporate Office located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba will incorporate a range of environmentally sensitive design and construction techniques. The new project includes a clinic, offices and support areas. The project is designed to provide a healthy, effective and contemporary environment for its staff and clients. A host of sustainable building features including a high level of recycled, local and low emitting materials will be integrated into the project. Comprehensive energy and water conservation strategies will be incorporated into the project as well. The project will strengthen and contribute to the revitalization and sustainable future of the community through new investment, increased amenity accessibility and positive integration into the existing fabric and infrastructure of the area. This building was originally imported from the Canadian Green Building Council's http://www.cagbc.org/leed/leed_projects/ id: 11386) on 2009-06-09. Please confirm that the import was successful, login, and remove this message. Help make the Green Building Brain better. READ MORE

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